The Tapas Sauces Aioli Sauce, 6.35 oz

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This Garlic Aioli Sauce is tangy and bold

Use this aioli as a dipping sauce or condiment for a variety of savory foods.

This garlic tapas sauce pairs wonderfully with cured meats, cheese, and crackers.

The Tapas Sauces Aioli Sauce is a savory garlic sauce that pairs well with a wide range of dishes. This aioli recipe contains real cloves of garlic, lemon juice, and parsley. This garlic aioli sauce makes a delicious dip or condiment.

Enjoy this Spanish aioli sauce as part of a tapas platter or charcuterie board. Spread it over a juicy hamburger, savory panini, or toasted sandwich. Or try this sauce with scrambled eggs and sausages to give your breakfast a dash of bold flavor.

This garlic aioli also makes a great dipping sauce for French fries, tater tots, and chicken tenders. You can even try this garlic-flavored aioli sauce in a pasta or potato salad recipe.


Vegetable oil shortening (olive and sunflower), water, garlic, salt, lemon natural juice, parsley, vegetable fibers (citrus and inulin), potato starch, natural flavoring, microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose gum and xanthan gum


6.35 oz (180g)


Product of Spain


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