La Monica Petite Scungilli, 29 oz

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La Monica Scungilli is ready to enjoy

This sliced conch has a chewy texture and a meaty, slightly sweet flavor.

Sauté, fry, or finely chop this delicious Atlantic mollusk.

Scungilli is a large mollusk with a spiral shell. La Monica Petite Scungilli comes sliced and ready to eat straight from the can. Meat is softer and smaller than traditional Scungilli. This tender conch is always wild-caught and fresh from the Atlantic Ocean. Use this mollusk as an ingredient in seafood salad, risotto, and pasta. This sliced conch is also fantastic for making conch fritters and chowder.

Conch (scungilli), Water, Salt, Sodium Bisulfite (to Preserve Color), Calcium Disodium Edta (to Preserve Color)

29 oz 

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