Matiz Gallego Sardines with Lemon in Olive Oil Tin, 4.2 oz

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Lemon Juice adds sharpness to these Matiz Sardines

The acidity of lemon complements the strong flavor of this seafood from Spain.

For a simple yet delightful snack, enjoy with freshly baked bread and sweet gherkin pickles.

These small Spanish sardines are fresh, flavorful, and sustainably harvested off the coast of Galicia. The lemon oil that is infused into these Matiz sardines provides a beautiful, natural, acidic accent. It's no secret that seafood is better with fresh lemon juice, and these Spanish-style sardines with lemon make flavoring your fish all too easy.

Enjoy on their own as a protein-rich snack. Try as part of a salad with extra virgin olive oil and a dash of red chili peppers. Or use this seafood to create a delicious sauce for pasta recipes by slow cooking the fish and other ingredients on a stovetop or in a pressure cooker. You can even savor the simple combination of fish with steamed rice and eggs.

sardines, sunflower oil, natural lemon essential oil, sea salt. non-GMO.

4.2 ounces


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