Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil, 3.35 oz

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Ortiz Anchovies are perfect for salads, sauces, and pizza

Packed in olive oil and salt-cured, these small fish from Spain are full of savory flavor.

Perfect for adding a burst of umami to your favorite Mediterranean recipes.

Bon Appetit calls Ortiz Anchovies in olive oil their "go-to" choice. Ortiz fillets their Spanish anchovies one by one and hand packs them. These meaty, tender, oil-cured anchovy fillets strike an excellent balance of saltiness and sweetness. Ortiz has already removed the head of each fish for your convenience. 

Sample this oily fish as part of a Spanish tapas platter with sea salt and lemon juice. Marinate in vinegar to prepare a traditional boquerones en vinagre. Serve in a salad with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Or use to make a delicious Caesar dressing.

Anchovies, olive oil, salt.

3.35 oz


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