Rizzoli Colatura di Alici, Salted Anchovy Extract, 3.38 oz

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Colatura di Alici is a traditional Italian anchovy sauce

A dash of anchovy extract adds an intense meaty flavor to any savory recipe.

All you need is a few drops to elevate the flavor of Mediterranean recipes.

Rizzoli Colatura di Alici, Salted Anchovy Extract is a traditional fish sauce from Italy. Rich with the flavors of the sea, this anchovy sauce is a versatile ingredient that can make your favorite meaty dishes taste even meatier by supplying them with a burst of umami.

Try this Colatura di Alici with pasta, fish, meat, and vegetable recipes. Use it to flavor a salad dressing. Or even use this anchovy extract as an alternative to oyster sauce in stir-fry recipes.


Salted anchovy extract, salt


3.38 oz (100mL)


Product of Italy


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