Stanislaus Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce, 6.68 lbs

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This Italian Pizza Sauce has a rich flavor

This sauce is made with crushed tomatoes and an Italian seasoning blend, including fresh basil.

You can also use this tomato sauce as a pasta sauce with your favorite noodles.

Stanislaus Alta Cucina was born from the old world Italian recipes of the Cortopassi family, and today the company sends their farm-grown delicacies all over the world. The family's Italian canned tomatoes and tomato sauce are renowned for their authentic flavor and exceptional quality. Made from the finest, hand-selected tomatoes grown in the rich soil of Italy's Puglia region, Stanislaus products capture the true taste of Italy in every can.

For those whose favorite part of pizza is the hearty tomato sauce, Stanislaus Saporito Super Heavy Pizza Sauce is a pantry must-have. This sauce has a robust tomato flavor with notes of black pepper and basil. Make a homemade pizza topped with this rich tomato sauce, Italian meats and cheeses, and a blend of Mediterranean herbs.


Tomatoes, Naturally derived citric acid, Salt, Basil, Black pepper


6.68 lbs (3.03 kg)


Product of Italy

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