Sterilgarda Besciamella Bechamel Sauce, 200 ml

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This Italian Bechamel Sauce is ready to heat

This bechamel sauce recipe is smooth and creamy with a slightly nutty flavor.

Use this "mother sauce" as part of lasagna, mac and cheese, and many other recipes.

Make a rich lasagna in record time with Sterilgarda Besciamella Bechamel Sauce! Made with whole milk, cream, and flour, béchamel is a velvety white sauce that enhances the creamy flavor of lasagna, macaroni and cheese, sauteed fish, and many more classic dishes.

This sauce can be used to prepare a wide variety of American, French, and Italian recipes. Try adding herbs and other aromatic ingredients to make this béchamel sauce your own. It's the perfect starting point for a classic cheese sauce!

This premixed béchamel from Sterilgarda comes ready to cook, saving you time at the stove. Simply heat and stir until the mixture is smooth.


Whole milk, cream, flour, modified tapioca starch, salt


Pack 200 mL


Product of Italy

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