Supermarket Italy's "Tea time" Bundle

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Don't settle in for a boring cup of tea all by your self. Supermarket Italy has put together a bundle that will make you enjoy tea time with Nonna or your loved one. Munch on some goodies and sip a cup of tea all while enjoying a game or two of Scopa and Scopone, Scopa d'Assi, and Briscol. 
  • Matilde Vicenzi Preferiti Minivoglie Assorted Cookies, 10.5 oz 
  • Masini Cantuccini Mandorla with Almonds, 8.8 oz 
  • Twinings Camomile Honey & Vanilla Tea, 20 Count 
  • Modiano 96 Italian Siciliane Playing Cards, 1 Deck 
  • Dalmatia Fig Orange Spread, 8.5 oz 
  • Manchego Aged 6 Months Cheese Wedge, 8.8 oz 
  • Supermarketitaly Small Cheese Knife 
  • Frutto D’Italia Pitted Green Olives Pouch, 1.1 oz 
  • Frutto D’Italia Pitted Spicy Green Olives Pouch, 1.1 oz 

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