Mangini Menta e Fernet Candy, 5.29 oz

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These Menta Fernet Candies are refreshing and spicy

Mangini Italian candies are made using traditional confectionary techniques.

Share these candies with friends and family for absolutely any special occasion.

Mangini has been producing delectable Italian sweets since 1981, with confectionary techniques that date back centuries. Their fruity, minty, and creamy candies are enjoyed by people around the world.

Mangini Menta e Fernet Candy is an Italian candy that combines refreshing mint with a blend of aromatic spices and herbs like those found in amaro liqueurs. These individually wrapped candies are great for sharing out of a decorative candy bowl or jar. Or add them to a gift basket for any special occasion.


5.29 oz (150g)


Product of Italy


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