Matilde Vicenzi Vicenzovo Gluten Free Ladyfingers, 4.4 oz

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These Matilde Vicenzi Ladyfingers are gluten free

The Matilde Vicenzi brand has been a symbol of Italian fine pastries since 1905.

Enjoy these spongy Italian biscuits on their own, or add them to a tiramisu.

Matilde Vicenzi's Vicenzovo Gluten Free Ladyfingers honor a sweet Italian tradition. While this version of the classic mini sponge cake from Italy is made without gluten, the recipe doesn't stray far from what the small artisan pastry shop offered over 100 years ago. These Italian biscuits are made with whole fresh eggs with no artificial flavorings, giving them a soft, sponge cake-like texture. Perfect for dunking into your cup of coffee!

For a tiramisu, soak these gluten-free ladyfingers in a sweet liqueur or syrup—Kahlua or another coffee liqueur works well if you love the robust flavor they add. Top with a mascarpone and egg yolk mixture, or an alternative. Then, repeat with a second layer for an indulgent dessert that you can chill in the fridge.

Alternatively, serve these with ice cream, gelato, or even fresh fruit with whipped cream. For a delightful evening snack, try these authentic Italian sponge cakes with your favorite bottle of dessert wine.

Wheat Flour, Sugar, Fresh Eggs 

4.41 oz (125g)

Product of Italy

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