Mitica Fig Cake with Almonds, 11 Lbs

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This Spanish Fig Cake is made with almonds and herbs

Enjoy this fig and almond cake with coffee or tea for a delicious breakfast.

Try serving this cake on a cheese plate along with fresh figs and roasted almonds.

Mitica Fig Cake with Almonds is an authentic Spanish cake that's prepared using a traditional recipe. Almonds, dried figs, and a few flavorful herbs are the only things needed to make this delicious companion to Spanish cheeses, such as a Manchego cheese from the La Mancha region. This cake is a rich, delectable delicacy that goes well with a cup of coffee, or on a cheese plater. Add it to a Spanish or Mediterranean gift basket to brighten the day of anyone you know with a sweet tooth.

Simply slice a piece of this almond fig cake and serve it with aged goat and sheep milk cheeses. You can also pair it with a glass of full-bodied red wine. Of course, it works equally well as a dessert, or a nutritious on-the-go snack. Add honey and a scoop of ice cream when serving this fig cake for a delightful dessert dish.


11 Lbs


Product of Spain

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