Tre Marie Dark Cocoa Chocolate Cookies, 11.1 oz

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These Dark Chocolate Cookies are a classic confection

These Italian cocoa cookies are filled with bittersweet chocolate chunks.

Pair these gourmet biscuits with coffee, tea, or even dessert wine.

The Tre Marie story began in 1896 with the opening of a bakery on the famous shopping street of Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. Tre Marie has carried on making Milanese panettone for over a century, proudly calling themselves “a symbol of the Milanese confectionary tradition.” 

Tre Marie Dark Cocoa Chocolate Cookies are bittersweet Italian treats filled with dark chocolate chips. These cookies pair wonderfully with a cup of espresso or spiced chai. You may also savor them with a glass of dessert wine or a sweet liqueur.

These cookies are perfect for crumbling over a yogurt parfait or ice cream sundae. Alternatively, make them part of a dessert platter with fresh fruit, candied almonds, and other confections. Or even serve these cookies with frosting, candy sprinkles, and orange zest for a festive treat.

These chocolate biscuits also make a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for anyone who loves gourmet treats. Pair them with a selection of other sweets and snacks.


11.1 oz


Product of Italy


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