Dr. Oetker Bourbon Vanilla Sugar, Pack of 3 (5.7 grams each)

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This Bourbon Vanilla Sugar is great for baking

This vanilla sugar contains real vanilla bean.

Add real vanilla flavor to cakes, ice cream, pastries, and more.

Pharmacist Dr. August Oetker began selling baking powder in Bielefeld, Germany, in 1891. By advertising his product with recipe booklets, it wasn’t long before his baking powder became a staple in German kitchens. More than 125 years later, Dr. Oetker baking ingredients of all kinds are available in 43 countries.

This bourbon vanilla sugar has a smooth aroma and delicious flavor of Bourbon and Vanilla. It is a perfect ingredient when adding sweet flavor to baked goods. Add this aromatic sugar to a gift basket for anyone who likes to bake.


Aroma extract, sugar, vanilla bean


Pack of 3 (5.7 grams each)


Product of Germany


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