Bewley’s Decaf Blend Tea Bags, (80 bags) 8.8oz

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This Decaf Tea Blend is an aromatic black tea

These decaf tea bags are great for enjoying hot or over ice.

Try this decaffeinated black tea with cream, sugar, honey, or any of your favorite sweeteners.

Bewley’s Decaf Blend Tea Bags contain caffeine-free Irish black tea. These rich and aromatic tea is delicious on its own. Or you can enjoy a cup with a splash of milk and a drizzle of honey. Alternatively, brew a pitcher of this decaffeinated tea and pour glasses over ice—perfect for beating the summer heat.

When freshly brewed, this tea pairs wonderfully with shortbread cookies, biscotti, and even finger sandwiches. Add this tea blend to a gift basket along with a selection of sweets and snacks.

You can even use this decaf tea to prepare a tea-infused syrup for cocktails and mocktails. Simply combine the tea with an equal amount of cane sugar and heat on the stovetop until a syrup forms. Tea syrup is great in Old Fashioneds with whiskey as well as gin-based cocktails like a Tom Collins with club soda and lemon juice.


Black Tea leaves, decaffeinated.


(80 bags) 8.8oz.

Origin of Product: 

Product of Ireland


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