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Tillamook Cheese  

Based in Oregon, Tillamook is a dairy farm known for producing fine cheddar cheese, as well as other delicious cheese varieties like Swiss and Colby. Whether you use Tillamook cheese on a charcuterie board, melted in a grilled cheese, or grated over a salad, you can be assured you’re getting a top-end dairy product made with care. 

More than a Century of Tillamook Values 

Tillamook Dairy Co-op began in 1909, founded by farmers who wanted to work together to make delicious cheese, while conserving resources and building a community. Today the company is still farmer-owned, with about 80 farming families having ownership and directly reaping the benefits. Tillamook operates by a six-part stewardship system that includes pillars of Thriving Farms, Enduring Ecosystems, and Enriched Communities. The dairy farms are committed to using sustainable ingredients, and making sure the land is tenable for years to come.

What can I make with Tillamook cheese?

Rich and creamy cheddar cheese is a Tillamook specialty. Add Tillamook Extra Sharp Vintage White Cheddar or a classic medium cheddar cheese to a charcuterie board. For a delicious grilled cheese, layer Tillamook Sliced Medium Cheddar Cheese with Tillamook Sliced Swiss Cheese on buttered sourdough bread.