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What is tortiglioni?

The name tortiglioni is also originally derived from the Latin word for “torquere,” which means to twist. The twist can be seen from the ridges of the pasta, which gently spiral vertically around the perimeter of the pasta tube. Tortiglioni is one of the many variations of maccheroni, one of the most famous pasta shapes from Naples. This Italian pasta has a substantial texture and heft, and pairs well with hearty ingredients and thick sauces. Tortiglioni's hollow interior and the ribbed edges that run both inside and outside of the tube pasta are designed to catch all the flavor of your favorite sauces.

Cooking Tortiglioni Recipes

Tortiglioni is a wonderfully versatile Italian pasta shape that is traditionally paired with a full-bodied sauce. Tortiglioni Melanzana is a classic Italian dish that combines the succulent Mediterranean flavors of olives, Italian tomatoes, and eggplant. Other delicious tortiglioni recipes include Tortiglioni di Maratea, a combination of steamed mussels and tomatoes, and the classic combination of the tube pasta with Italian ham, peas, and parmesan cheese.

Where to buy tortiglioni?

When shopping online for your Italian favorites, you can easily find a variety of pasta noodles, including tortiglioni, at Supermarket Italy. Made with fine Italian wheat, De Cecco Tortiglioni  can be purchased in bulk sizes that are very economically priced. With a pantry fully stocked with Italian pasta, get ready for a succulent and savory Mediterranean feast that everybody will love!