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Picture of the Tuscany region, mountainous and rural

What is Toscani pasta?

Pasta Toscani literally translates to “Tuscan pasta.” So generally speaking, there are many types of Toscani pasta. However, there are certain pasta types that represent Tuscany more than others.

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What types of Tuscan pasta are there?

Gigli pasta is the most famous and recognizable Tuscan pasta because of its unique flower-like shape. Gigli Toscani mimics the shape of a lily, which many say is because the lily flower is the emblem of one of Tuscany and Italy’s most well-known cities, Florence. Other popular types of pasta that come out of the Tuscan kitchen include pici pasta, tordelli pasta, and pappardelle.

What meals can I make with pasta from Tuscany?

Some of the most common pasta dishes you’ll find in a Tuscan kitchen involve ragu sauce, porcini mushrooms, spinach, potatoes or ricotta cheese. Tuscan food typically has a lot to do with wild game, such as wild boar and wild hare. Tuscan food is simple, hearty and filling.