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Toschi: The Tops for Toppings

Toschi brand started in 1945 with the simple act of dipping Amarena cherries into alcohol to preserve them. So began a legacy of crafting top quality liqueurs and fruit sauces, all from the freshest ingredients available. Today the company has an incredible range of preserved fruits, including those original cocktail cherries, and have continually expanded their offerings to feature flavored coffee syrups, balsamic vinegars, and ice cream toppings. Perfect for sundae making and cocktail shaking, Toschi products add sweetness to everyday life.    

What can I make with Toschi products?

Toschi ingredients are versatile and can be used in many different culinary creations. Add Toschi Caramel Syrup to your morning coffee, use it as an ice cream topping, or drizzle it over a pan of brownies. Toschi Amarena cherries are perfect for a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned cocktail, but can also be used for pies and cakes. Making specialty drinks for a crowd? Explore Toschi’s many flavored cocktail syrups from Toschi Grenadine Granatina Syrup to Toschi Easy Bitter Syrup

Where can I buy Toschi products?

 Supermarket Italy has a great lineup of Toschi coffee syrups, Amarena cherries, ice cream toppings, and more. Make a delicious daiquiri topped with cocktail cherries or whip up a luxurious caramel latte without going to the espresso bar!