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Pirro Trofie Liguri, 17.6 oz
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What is trofie pasta?

Trofie is a short, thin noodle that has been twisted. Because the curls of this pasta are so wide and close together, trofie is a relatively thick and chewy pasta—especially in the middle.

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Where does trofie pasta come from?

Trofie pasta comes from the region of Liguria, which is in Northern Italy. This type of pasta is absolutely adored in Northern Italy, especially when paired with another Ligurian favorite: pesto sauce!

What is the best trofie pasta recipe?

Pesto pasta is essential to Ligurian cuisine. Genoa is a city in this region of Northern Italy that is particularly famous for its pesto pasta. You could eat trofie with tomato sauce or cream sauce, but pesto sauce is the traditional choice.