Urbani Truffle Thrills White Truffles & Porcini Sauce, 6.4 oz

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Porcini is known as the "King of Mushrooms" in Italian cuisine. The dipping sauce made with Urbani white truffles and porcini can be used for appetizers, grissini, or bruschetta. This earthy treat from Urbani pairs well with pasta, risotto, gnocchi, mushroom pie, and even carnivorous dishes. Simply warm the sauce in a skillet, sprinkle it over your plate, and savor the Italian tastes!

Porcini mushrooms, heavy cream, water, Bianchetti truffles, extra virgin olive oil, corn starch, butter, grana Padano cheese (milk, enzyme, salt, egg white lysozyme [preservative]), milk proteins concentrate, salt, truffle flavor, garlic, parsley, acidity corrector: citric acid (acidulant), white pepper. Contains milk, eggs.

6.4 oz (180g)

Product of Italy

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