Ortiz Yellow Fin Tuna in Olive Oil Jar, 7.76 oz (220 g)

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Fished from the Mediterranean, Yellowfin tuna, or Atun Claro in Spain, are extremely flavorful. The beautiful yellowfin tuna loin segments are hand cut and packed with 100 percent extra virgin oil using traditional methods. Also known as Ahi Tuna or Ahi-grade Tuna, Yellowfin tuna is a true delicacy. Ortiz Yellow Fin Tuna in Olive Oil comes to you in loin form, not mashed up like you'd find in the grocery store cans. Great over salads or straight out of the jar with lettuce, bread, or crackers.

Yellowfin tuna filet, olive oil 

7.76 oz (220 grams) 

Product of Italy

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