Balconi Trancetto Snack Cakes with Apricot Cream Filling, 280 grams

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These Apricot Snack Cakes have a rich filling

These Italian dessert cakes consist of vanilla sponge cakes layered with apricot cream.

Enjoy these light and spongy cakes with a cup of tea or espresso.

Balconi Trancetto Snack Cakes with Apricot Cream Filling are Italian dessert cakes that will satisfy a sweet tooth. Light and fluffy vanilla sponge cakes are layered with apricot filling. Enjoy with a cup of espresso, serve as a post-dinner sweet, or pack in a lunch box to end the midday meal with a smile.

Share these apricot cakes as part of a gift basket for any special occasion. They pair wonderfully with a selection of other sweets and snacks.


9.9 oz (280 grams)


Product of Italy


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