Bar Harbor Whole Gourmet Smoked Ocean Clams, 6.5 oz

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These Smoked Clams have a bold flavor

Enjoy these clams in your chowder and stew recipes.

Try these clams in a buttery pasta dish with linguine, fresh herbs, and a wine sauce.

Bar Harbor Whole Gourmet Smoked Ocean Clams are whole clams packed in sea salt and clam juice. These clams have a smoky flavor that's great in chowder, stew, pasta, and more. Try these clams in a robust chowder recipe with potatoes and corn. Or enjoy them in a pasta dish with linguine and a white wine sauce. You can even use these clams to make a bold dip with garlic and lemon juice.


Clams, clam juice, sea salt


6.5 oz


Product of USA


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