Barilla Emiliane Fettuccini Egg Pasta, 8.8 oz

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This Fettuccini Pasta is made with fresh barn eggs

Pair these fettuccine noodles with tomato sauce, Alfredo sauce, or pesto.

Enjoy these noodles in any of your favorite Italian pasta dishes.

Barilla Emiliane Fettuccini Egg Pasta are traditional Italian pasta noodles made with fresh barn eggs. These long, flat noodles are equally suited for soaking up light pestos and heavy, creamy sauces. The robust and slightly rough texture of Barilla Emiliane's noodles sets them apart from many of the options you'll find at your domestic grocery store. This authentic Italian pasta is made traditionally, with durum wheat semolina flour.

Pair this type of pasta with your preferred red, white, or pesto sauces. Use these fettuccine pasta noodles as an alternative to spaghetti in a cacio e pepe recipe with sea salt, pepper, and pecorino cheese. Or prepare a simple side dish with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and grated parmesan cheese. There's truly an endless variety of recipes you can make with these high-quality egg noodles from Italy.

Serve Barilla Emilian Fettuccini with bread and a crisp, green salad for a delightful Italian-style dinner. Enjoy this Italian egg pasta with your favorite bottle of wine or a sparkling cider.


Durum wheat semolina, fresh barn eggs


8.8 oz (250g)


Product of Italy

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