Cafe Molido Santo Domingo Ground Coffee, 1 lb.

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This smooth Arabica coffee has notes of chocolate

This type of coffee is made with 100% ground Arabica beans from the Dominican Republic.

Brew a cup with a drip coffee maker, French press, or stovetop Moka pot.

Cafe Molido Santo Domingo Ground Coffee is made only from coffee beans that come from the Dominican Republic. Additionally, all of the beans used to make this roast come from the arabica plant, resulting in a distinct cup of coffee. It is a medium roast with subtle nutty, chocolaty, and vanilla flavors. The taste of Cafe Molido Santo Domingo Ground Coffee is rich but carries no bitterness.

Start your day with a delicious cup of this Dominican coffee. Prepare it hot or iced. Enjoy it black, or sweetened with sugar and a splash of milk. Or serve it with a dessert or pastry for an indulgent treat. This imported coffee is also a great choice for a gift basket. Pair it with dark roast and light roast coffees for a variety pack.

100% Pure Dominican Arabica Coffee Beans

1 lb.

Dominican Republic

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