Caravel Gourmet Balsamic Sea Salt, 4 oz

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This Balsamic Salt is a tangy condiment

Use this balsamic sea salt to flavor meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Try a pinch of this gourmet salt with cheese or sliced pears.

Caravel Gourmet Balsamic Sea Salt is perfect for blending any dish with Italian flavor. This natural, unrefined sea salt is made simply with vinegar and sea salt — no harsh bleaching or anti-caking agents necessary.

Caravel Gourmet Balsamic Sea Salt can be used to bring tart savory flavor to any meat rub, seafood, or salad. With a balance of sweet, sharp, and spicy flavor notes, this balsamic salt is an excellent choice for finishing light dishes, such as salads with fresh mozzarella or roasted vegetables.


Natural sea salt, Dried Balsamic Vinegar


4 oz


Product of USA

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