Casa Firelli Italian Hot Sauce, 5 oz

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This Calabrian Chili Sauce is zesty and spicy

Made with roasted peppers, balsamic vinegar, and porcini mushrooms, this hot sauce is distinctly Calabrian.

Enjoy this chili pepper sauce with pizza, pasta, or even as part of a Bloody Mary.

Casa Firelli is a spicy Italian hot sauce. A few drops will give a delicious kick to your food. It's also low sodium and fat free!

Use Firelli Italian hot sauce on pizza, pasta, eggs, salads, or in your Bloody Mary cocktail. Add a drop to ketchup and mix it in for a spicy tomato french fry dip. Or pair this chili sauce with extra virgin olive oil for a bold charcuterie board condiment.


Calabrian chili pepper, roasted red pepper, balsamic vinegar, Italian sea salt, porcini mushroom.


5 oz


Product of Italy

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