Cento Roasted Red Peppers, 12 oz

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These Roasted Red Peppers are great for sauces and salads

Try these roasted sweet peppers on charcuterie platters with crackers, cheese, and cured meats.

These sweet red peppers are a convenient alternative to roasting peppers in the oven.

While Cento started as a small Italian market, it has developed into something much larger than a corner grocery store. Now, Cento's selection of Italian-style recipes are available to the masses, from restaurants to home kitchens.

Cento Roasted Red Peppers have a robust flavor that's perfect for pasta dishes and sauces. These roasted bell peppers are lightly seasoned with sea salt, preserving their natural taste. Add them to a gift basket for anyone who enjoys Mediterranean cuisine.

Cut these peppers into bite-sized pieces and toss them in a pasta sauce or salad recipe to add a robust and sweet flavor to the dish. Or use these sweet bell peppers to prepare a simple side dish for meat or seafood plates. You can also enjoy these roasted red bell peppers on a charcuterie board with dry-cured meats, soft cheeses, and extra virgin olive oil.


Sweet Red Peppers, Water, Sea Salt, and Citric Acid.


12 oz


Product of Italy


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