Fort Knox Dark Chocolate Spoons, 2.11 oz

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These Dark Chocolate Spoons are rich and bittersweet

Stir these chocolate spoons into a mug of hot chocolate or freshly brewed coffee.

This spoon-shaped chocolate makes a wonderful gift for any special occasion.

Fort Knox Dark Chocolate Spoons have a rich chocolate flavor that pairs well with coffee or hot cocoa. You can melt these spoons into your hot beverage of choice, or enjoy them with your favorite creamy dessert dishes.

Try this spoon-shaped chocolate with vanilla pudding, ice cream, or a yogurt parfait. Enjoy a slice of New York cheesecake with a raspberry sauce. Or add a dark chocolate spoon to a winter sundae with crushed candy canes and mint ice cream. Also, try Fort Knox Milk Chocolate Spoons.


Sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). Cocoa solids 48.3%


2.11 oz - 6 Spoons


Product of Turkey


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