Frantoi Cutrera Segreti di Sicilia Thyme Flavored Sea Salt, 7.1 oz

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This Thyme Sea Salt is an aromatic Italian seasoning

This thyme-infused salt is harvested and blended in Sicily.

This thyme-flavored salt is perfect for finishing roasted chicken, steak, and seafood recipes.

Essential Italian flavor is sealed in a single jar of Frantoi Cutrera Thyme Flavored Sea Salt. This blend of salt harvested from the waters surrounding Sicily is mixed with dried thyme, one of the distinctive herbs that defines Italian cuisine.

Use this thyme salt as seasoning for steak, chicken, and roasted vegetables. Try it as a finishing salt for Mediterranean-inspired salads, pasta, and pizza dishes. Or add a dash of this herb salt to dry rubs and marinades.


Sicilian sea salt, naturally dried thyme.


7.1oz ; 200g


Product of Italy

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