Fusilli Avellinesi Fresh Pasta - 500g

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Fresh Fusilli Pasta pairs well with light and creamy sauces

This coil-shaped pasta pairs well with pesto, Alfredo, and tomato sauces.

Pair al dente Italian fusilli pasta with seasonal vegetables and a zesty vinaigrette in a pasta salad recipe.

Fusilli Avellinesi Pasta is a coiled-circular shaped Italian pasta with a length of four-centimeters. Pasta is a magnificent Italian dish and can be combined with sauces and/or seasoning that accommodates any specific needs.

Enjoy this fusilli pasta as a side dish for Mediterranean meat and seafood dishes. Or pair it with a robust tomato or Alfredo sauce for a hearty main course. You can also toss al dente fusilli with extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar, seasonal vegetables, and a pinch of salt to prepare a fresh pasta salad recipe.

Types of Pasta:

Fusilli Avellinesi Fresh Pasta


500 grams


Product of Italy

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