Inca's Food Hot Pepper Rocoto, 7.5 oz

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This Rocoto Pepper Paste has a bold taste

This hot pepper paste adds spicy flavor to rice dishes, grilled meats, soup, and more.

Try this red chili sauce in Peruvian, Latin American, and even Korean cooking.

Aji Rocoto Paste from Inca's Food transforms any dish into a gourmet journey! Hot peppers have never been this good—spicy, flavorful, and enhancing any savory dish.

With this pepper paste, Inca's Food has done us a big favor. They operate like a magic spell, elevating anything you're cooking to new heights. If you want your cuisine with a hot kick and a lot of flavor, this is the paste for you.

Combine a small amount of Inca's Food Aji Rocoto Paste with anything you believe would benefit from a little spicy flair. From eggs to sandwiches, potatoes to roasted vegetables, and a whole turkey to simply a slice of ham, there's something for everyone to enjoy with this red pepper paste. You can even enjoy this Peruvian Rocoto pepper paste as a spread for sandwiches, tacos, and burgers.


Rocoto Hot Peppers, Salt, Citric Acid and Sodium Benzoate as preservatives.


7.5 oz


Product of Peru

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