La Preferida Organic Authentic Refried Beans, 16 oz

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These authentic Refried Beans are completely organic

These organic refried beans are lightly seasoned with sea salt.

Pair these organic pinto beans with rice, or add them to a burrito.

La Preferida Organic Authentic Refried Beans are prepared pinto beans that have been mashed and seasoned with sea salt. These lightly seasoned beans are a versatile ingredient that's packed with protein and fiber.

Cook the beans with onions and garlic for a simple yet savory recipe. You can prepare them on the stovetop or in a slow cooker. Add a bit of chicken or vegetable broth to give these pinto beans a rich aroma. Pair these fried and mashed beans with authentic Mexican rice, a classic side dish that goes well with chicken, steak, and even some seafood recipes.

For something spicier, try a refried bean recipe with chili powder or roasted peppers. Add cooked refried beans to a burrito or enchilada. Enjoy them with freshly grated cheese. Or prepare a delicious bean dip with sour cream—perfect for pairing with tortilla chips at a party or barbecue.


Organic Prepared Pinto Beans, Water, Sea Salt.


16 oz


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