Matouk's Mango Kuchela, 13.5 oz

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Mango Kuchela is a sweet and zesty condiment

This mango condiment is flavored with a blend of East Indian spices, mustard oil, and hot peppers.

Pair this pickled mango sauce with curry, grilled meats, and rice dishes.

Matouk's Mango Kuchela is a type of condiment made from mangoes, East Indian spices, and peppers. This semi-sweet yet zesty blend works well with curry dishes, rice dishes, chicken dishes, and as a dip. This mango condiment pairs well with a wide variety of Middle Eastern and Indian recipes. You can also add this fragrant mango condiment to a gift basket for anyone who likes to cook with gourmet sauces.


Mangoes, vinegar, vegetable oil, mustard oil, spices, salt, hot peppers, sodium benzoate (as a preservative).


13.5 oz (385g)


Product of Trinidad & Tobago

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