Moroccan Olive Grove The Mini Blue Olive Oil Bright & Fruity, 20mL

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This Moroccan Olive Oil has a bright and unique flavor

This high-quality EVOO blends fruity, grassy, and herbal flavor notes.

In addition to drizzling it over recipes, you can bake and cook with this extra virgin olive oil.

Moroccan Olive Grove's Blue Olive Oil from Marrakech has a distinctive flavor and aroma. It's light and fruity, with hints of fresh grass and thyme. It also has a peppery aftertaste which reminds us that this oil is full of polyphenols.

This Moroccan EVOO has been pressed within hours of harvest in the farm's mill. With an acidity of only 0.2 percent, it's cold-extracted. Add this unique olive oil to a gift basket for a birthday, holiday, or any other celebration.

Drizzle this EVOO over vegetables, braised meats, bitter greens, and pasta dishes. Enjoy it in zesty salad dressings with fresh herbs and red or white wine vinegar. Or try it on bread, olives, and sheep's milk cheese with crackers.

This type of olive oil can also be used as a baking or cooking oil. Make savory bread recipes with a subtle olive flavor. Or bake cookies, brownies, and even cakes without using butter.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil




Product of Morocco 


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