OroCacao Marcona Almond Butter with Cocoa, 5.6 oz (160 g)

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This Marcona Almond Butter contains rich cocoa

Roasted almonds and sea salt give this almond spread its signature flavor.

Enjoy this spread with cookies, pastries, or ice cream to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

OroCacao Marcona Almond Butter with Cocoa is the only almond butter you’ll ever need. Spanish Marcona almonds are salted and fried to enhance the natural richness of the nuts. They are then crushed into a smooth, luxurious nut butter with chunks of toasted almonds. Rich cocoa is churned into the butter for an incredibly chocolatey nut butter.

This almond spread is preservative free and not too sweet, which brings it a step above many popular chocolate spreads. Use OroCacao Almond Butter in sandwiches, cookies, and breakfast foods. Or mix it into a bowl of vanilla ice cream for a luxurious dessert dish.

Keep your almond butter refrigerated after opening. Separation is natural, just give it a hearty stir and enjoy!


5.6 oz (160 g)


Product of Spain


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