St. Mary’s Breadfruit Chips, 1.76 oz

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These Breadfruit Chips are lightly salted

These breadfruit chips have a crisp, light texture.

Enjoy these thin slices of fried breadfruit as an alternative to potato chips.

St. Mary’s Breadfruit Chips are a crisp, lightly salted snack. Made with breadfruit, sea salt, and onion powder, this 100% natural snack is perfect for picnics and hikes. St. Mary's lightly salted breadfruit chips are always made with high-quality ingredients and contain zero preservatives.

You can serve these chips as part of a unique charcuterie board, alongside cured meats, fresh fruits, and a selection of cheeses. And they're also a great alternative to potato chips that you can pair with sandwiches and other lunch foods.

Looking for a present for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations? Add these chips to a gift basket as part of an assortment of delicious snack foods.


Breadfruit, Sunflower Oil, and/or Palm Oil, Sea Salt, Onion powder, and Absolutely No Preservatives




Product of the Dominican Republic 


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