St.Mary’s Extra Crunchy Banana Chips, 1 oz

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These Crispy Banana Chips are a sweet and salty snack

Enjoy these banana chips with peanut butter or fruit jam.

Add this crunchy banana snack to an ice cream sundae or yogurt parfait.

St. Mary’s Extra Crunchy Banana Chips are a crisp snack with a sweet and salty flavor. Made with green banana slices and sea salt, this 100% natural snack is perfect for picnics and hikes. St. Mary's banana chips are always made with high-quality ingredients and contain zero preservatives.

You can enjoy these sweet and salty chips on their own or as a topping. Try these banana chips with Greek yogurt. Dip them in peanut butter, honey, or a tangy fruit jam. Or use them to add a crunchy layer to an ice cream sundae.

You can even serve banana chips as part of a unique charcuterie board, alongside cured meats, fresh fruits, and a selection of cheeses. And they're also a great alternative to potato chips that you can pair with sandwiches and other lunch foods.

Looking for a present for birthdays, holidays, and other celebrations? Add these banana chips to a gift basket as part of an assortment of delicious snack foods.


Green Bananas, Sunflower Oil and/or Palm Oil, Sea Salt, and Absolutely No Preservatives


1 oz


Product of the Dominican Republic

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