Wangderm Thai Tea Powder, 13 oz

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This Thai Tea Powder comes from real Thai tea leaves

Only the highest quality tea leaves are used to make this authentic Thai powdered tea.

Use this fine powder to make Thai tea that's hot or cold.

Wangderm Thai Tea Powder comes from environmentally conscious farming techniques and carefully handled processes. Tea experts work to create the perfect temperature, humidity and drying time necessary to render the best Thai tea powder.

Use this powder to prepare a traditional brewed tea, which you can pair with shortbread cookies and other sweets. Enjoy this aromatic tea with a drizzle of honey and a splash of milk. Or add ice for a delightful Thai iced tea—a refreshing choice to pair with any savory meal. You can even use this tea to make a syrup for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

Looking for a present for the tea lover in your life? Add this Thai powder tea to a gift basket along with a selection of sweets and snacks to pair it with.


Blend of tea leaves from jungles of Thailand


13 oz.


Product of Thailand

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