Venchi Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut Bar, 3.52 oz

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This Italian Chocolate Bar is made with hazelnuts

Savor this hazelnut chocolate bar with espresso, tea, and other beverages.

This chocolate hazelnut bar is made by Venchi, the renowned Italian chocolate maker.

Milk chocolate bar made only in Piedmont, with at least 30% whole hazelnuts. Venchi chocolate bars are made by using whole hazelnuts instead of chopped ones. This chocolate bar is a great snack for any time of day when you need to get your energy back up. 

Pair this Italian chocolate with a cup of coffee, tea, or spiced chai. Or try this chocolate with a glass of dessert wine, such as a ruby port. Enjoy this indulgent Italian chocolate as a topping for a yogurt parfait or an ice cream sundae with fresh berries. Or add this hazelnut chocolate to a gift basket with a selection of other Mediterranean sweets and snacks.


Piedmont Hazelnut 30%, Sugar, Whole milk powder, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Anhydrous Milk fat, Emulsifier: Soy lecithin, Natural vanilla flavor. 


3.52 oz (100g)


Product of Italy


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