Welsh Lady Preserves All Butter Curd Raspberry, 11 oz

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Welsh Lady Raspberry Curd is tangy and sweet

Enjoy this raspberry topping on cookies, brownies, ice cream, and much more.

Try this raspberry spread on vanilla yogurt and top with dark chocolate shavings.

Welsh Lady Preserves All Butter Curd Raspberry is a tangy and rich condiment. Handmade in Wales, this raspberry curd is made with a combination of cane sugar, raspberry juice, eggs, and butter.

Enjoy this raspberry spread as a quick and delicious dessert topping for brownies, muffins, and cheesecake. Spread it on French toast, pancakes, crepes, and waffles. Try it on shortbread cookies, croissants, and other breakfast pastries. Or add this raspberry curd to a bowl of ice cream or a yogurt parfait with dark chocolate shavings.

Looking for a present for someone with a sweet tooth? Add this raspberry curd spread to a gift basket. It pairs wonderfully with a selection of other gourmet ingredients for baking—a thoughtful choice for any special occasion.


Sugar, raspberry juice 34% from concentrate, eggs, butter 8%, acidity regulater (citric acid), raspberry esters, gelling agent (Fruit pectin) 

contains: Eggs, milk


11 oz


Product of United Kingdom


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