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Whole Wheat Pasta

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What is the difference between regular pasta and whole wheat pasta?

The average pasta uses refined wheat to make pasta noodles, which strips away some of the raw material of the grain. Whole wheat pasta uses the entire grain, which changes the taste and the nutrition content of the pasta noodles.

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Is whole wheat pasta healthy?

Many studies have been done on the health benefits of whole grains, some of which have not reached a definitive conclusion. Many, though, say that whole grain pasta is a more healthy pasta than pasta made from refined grains. Whole grain pasta is higher in fiber, lower in calories, and contains more vitamins and minerals. Because it is so much higher in fiber than the average pasta, people say that it makes you feel more full while eating less, making for an effective way to consume carbs when trying to lose weight.

What does it taste like?

This type of pasta has a thicker, more firm texture than the average pasta type. It also has a slightly nuttier taste to it, which can be difficult for some to get used to, but that doesn’t mean whole wheat pasta recipes can’t be delicious!