Zona Khayyan 15 Years Aged Moscatel Wine Vinegar, 5 Liters

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This Aged Wine Vinegar is made from sweet Moscatel wine

This naturally aged vinegar has a subtly sweet, rich flavor.

Pair this wine vinegar with extra virgin olive oil for a piquant salad dressing.

Khayyan Specialty Foods distributes high quality European imports through brands like Zona and Olivar Santamaria. With a commitment to traditional farming techniques, sustainability, and healthy, seasonal foods, Khayyan offers everything from tuna belly to sherry vinegar to white beans.

Zona Khayyan 15 Years Aged Moscatel Wine Vinegar is Spanish vinegar made with traditional methods of aging. This wine vinegar adds a robust, slightly sweet flavor to salad dressings, marinades, and appetizer platters.


Moscatel Wine Vinegar, Concentrated must and antioxidant: Potassium Metabisulfite.


5 Liters


Product of Spain


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