Zocalo Organic Aji Limo Chili Paste, 8 oz

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This Aji Limo Paste is red and spicy

Use this organic red chili paste in traditional Peruvian recipes.

This subtly sweet and hot condiment makes a tasty addition to rice dishes, grilled meats, and stir-fries.

Made from chili peppers native to Peru, Zocalo’s Chili Pastes are organic and flavorful. Zocalo Organic Aji Limo is a spicy red chili paste that's great with rice dishes, ceviches, and grilled meat recipes.

Use this chili paste as a condiment. Or create a bold Peruvian sauce by heating this chili blend with aromatic vegetables like onions and garlic. You can even use this organic chili paste in stews and slow-cooked recipes. This chili paste is a certified organic product.


100% Organic Limo Chili and Citric Acid


8 oz


Product of Peru


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