Adamante Italian White Balsamic Vinegar, 16.9 oz

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This White Balsamic Vinegar is sweet and tangy

This type of vinegar has a milder flavor than traditional Italian balsamic vinegar.

Enjoy this vinegar in salad dressings, or drizzle it over appetizers.

Adamante Italian White Balsamic Vinegar is a sweet wine vinegar with a lighter flavor than aged balsamic vinegar. Use this vinegar to elevate any dish that needs a bit of sweetness or acidity.

Mix this vinegar with extra virgin olive oil for a zesty salad dressing with just the right amount of sharpness. Alternatively, enjoy this vinegar on bruschetta with fresh herbs and sun-dried tomatoes.

This wine vinegar tastes delicious as part of a marinade for chicken, pork, or seafood. Or try it on a charcuterie board with dry-cured Italian meats and artisan crackers. This type of vinegar also makes a thoughtful addition to a gift basket for anyone who likes Mediterranean cuisine.


wine vinegar, rectified concentrated grape must, grape must, antioxidant E224


16.9 oz (500mL) 


Product of Italy

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