Agostino Recca Anchovy Fillets with Capers in Olive Oil, 8.1 oz

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Enjoy Agostino Recca Anchovies with Olive Oil and Capers

Enjoy these high quality Italian anchovies fillets in pizzas, pastas, and sauces.

Slice, crush, or fry these savory and tangy fishes for a range of delicious recipes.

Agostino Recca Fillets of Anchovies are tender, meaty Sicilian anchovies. These oil packed anchovy fillets retain their fresh taste and texture. Capers are also packed in for added flavor.

These are excellent for sandwiches, pasta, salads, and many other Italian recipes. Use them to add salty, zesty flavor to a caesar salad dressing. Toss them in a bold seafood soup or stew. Try them on a pizza with kalamata olives, spinach, and red onions. Or fry them with garlic and enjoy on a toasted panini.

Anchovy Fillets, olive oil, capers, salt.

8.11 oz


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