Agostino Recca Tuna in Olive Oil, 7 oz

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This Agostino Recca Tuna is packed in Olive Oil

Only the best fillets are selected for this olive oil and tuna mixture.

Try in your favorite Italian tuna salad or sandwich recipe.

Imported from Sicily, the Recca family's fish products are renowned for their high quality and traditional preserving methods. Their Tuna in Olive Oil packs sliced tuna fillets in olive oil to retain maximum freshness and flavor.

This oil packed fish can be enjoyed plain or with bread, a glass of wine, and extra virgin olive oil. Finish with sea salt and pepper to taste. Elevate a classic tuna fish sandwich or add the tuna to a salad with red onions and lemon juice at your next barbeque.

Tuna filets, olive oil 

7 oz Glass Jar

Product of Italy

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