Albert Menes Blackcurrant Extra Jam, 9.9 oz

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Try French Blackcurrant Jam with sweet and savory recipes

This blackcurrant fruit jam is made with the simple combination of blackcurrants, sugar, and pectin from fruit.

Enjoy this French jam as part of your next charcuterie board or cheese platter.

Albert Menes Blackcurrant Extra Jam is a delicious fruit spread that's made with blackcurrants, cane sugar, and fruit pectin. No artificial sweeteners or colorings are used to make this high-quality jam.

You can enjoy this jam as part of both sweet and savory dishes. It's delicious when paired with a soft cheese or mixed with yogurt. Try adding a small amount to a zesty salad dressing made with extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar. Or make this jam part of a marinade for chicken thighs, pork chops, and other sweet and smoky recipes.

This jam also makes a delicious addition to a charcuterie platter or cheese board. Pair it with a selection of crackers, cheeses, and dry-cured meats such as salami and prosciutto. Its sweet and tangy flavor pairs well with salty and savory foods.


Blackcurrant, sugar, gelling agent: pectin.


280g (9.88oz)


Product of France

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