Amatrice Pecorino Cheese, 14 oz

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This Italian Pecorino Cheese is flavored with chili peppers

This cheese made from sheep's milk has a unique flavor and vibrant color.

Enjoy this sheep's milk cheese as part of pasta dishes, crostini appetizers, grilled paninis, and charcuterie boards.

Amatrice Pecorino Peperoncino is an Italian Pecorino cheese infused with ground red pepper. The rich red color of the pepper flakes give the semi-aged pecorino cheese a beautiful look and spicy flavor. Try this chili pepper pecorino cheese as part of a charcuterie platter or Italian cheese board.

To enjoy Amatrice Pecorino Peperoncino Cheese to the fullest, pair it with dark chocolate. This Italian cheese is best paired with young, red wines.


Pasteurized sheep MILK, rennet, salt, milk enzymes, red pepper.


14 oz


Product of Italy

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