Amatrice Pecorino Gran Riserva di Grotta, 1.1 lb

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This traditional Pecorino Cheese is aged in caves

Use this type of cheese in cacio e pepe pasta dishes, or serve on a cheese board.

A cheese made from sheep's milk, this Italian cheese can be used in place of Pecorino Romano or even Parmigiano Reggiano.

Amatrice Pecorino Gran Riserva di Grotta is a crumbly Italian cheese that is aged in caves, just like the way ancient Rieti shepherds would make it. There, the cheese is seasoned and matured in a low-light, cool temperature environment. Amatrice Pecorino Gran Riserva di

Grotta is an Italian cheese with beautiful spice that is best enjoyed with jam and honey. Or try it on a charcuterie board with thinly sliced prosciutto and salami. If you enjoy this cheese (and we're sure you will!) go ahead and get the 6.6 lb Amatrice Pecorino Gran Riserva di Grotta!

Sheep's milk

1.1 lbs



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